Wednesday, 22 April 2015

More New items :)

Evening all,

So over the last two days I have been busy making some new things, two repeat items with a little difference and a new item, so without further ado:

As part of my freehand machine embroidery cards range (I have made a rabbit before, which was cute, but this one I think is even cuter!) this is my new style rabbit. Rabbit #2 if you like. He has different fur and a pink inner ear and a cheeky little smile too ;)

Just look at his face! Arr. These kinds of cards sell really quickly at the fairs, below are a couple of pictures of the first batches I made and you can just see the Rabbit #1 at the base of the second picture:

It's a really great feeling when someone picks up a card (or anything I have made) and admires it, then gives lovely comments on it and then buys it - to give to someone else as a gift/greeting that hopefully they will appreciate too. I know that I have made that item and I have made someone have that reaction to it and taken action upon that reaction, and then, that item that I have made, is going into somebody's house! It's just fab. :)

Next up:

I recently made just one of these iPad Air cases and it sold at the first fair I took it to, so today I managed to make two of them, similar to the last but again slightly different, to add variety. These have been made using sturdy denim, with cotton linings and cotton freehand machine embroidery birds to decorate. They both close with an elastic loop over a button and they are padded too, to protect the iPad. If I had an iPad, I would have one of these...

And finally for today, I made two sets of these:

Click the picture to enlarge

These are children's bedrooms or children's play rooms bunting! I love this printed cotton material and it came in a flash to me today to make these, just something a little bit different. The colours are so cute and would look good in any room - it doesn't have to be for children!

I made them to be 8 feet long, they have 12 flags per set which are approximately 8 inches tall and there is an 18" piece of overhang at each end so it can be pinned or tied easily as necessary. The pattern is also on both sides so it doesn't matter which way you hang them and they don't have to be up against a wall, unless you want them to be. What do you think?

That's it for now, these items will be taken to the fair on Saturday - more details later.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment if you wish.

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