Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Matlock Bath and New Uphostery Bag

Hello all,

Hoping you are all well - I am just recovering form a busy Bank Holiday spent at Matlock Bath Craft and Gift Fair, Derbyshire. It was a fun weekend with many coming and goings and I made quite a lot of sales, so was very pleased. I had some great neighbours and enjoyed my time there, already looking forward to going back.

Part of my stall

You see my sock monkey in the middle of the stand? Well I sold him. BUT I DIDN'T MEAN TO! I have him sat there and I take orders from him as I let customers choose their own sock (new, of course!) and I love Monkey. But a lady came up with a toddler, asked how much, passed me the money and took him before I even realised what was happening - I was distraught! Monkeyyyyy! But I didn't have the heart to tell her once she had walked away as the little girl had already kissed him and was hugging him tight... arr. But my little Monkey! Oh well....

I made quite a few more button bracelets to take and they did well again. I sold many items I have had for a few weeks but my ultimate hot cakes for this fair were make-up bags. I don't know why in particular but I sold three in one go at one stage! So that was good.

This week I will be looking at other fairs in and around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire that I can stand at too. I had a lot of hints and tips from fellow stallholders this weekend for which I am grateful. Thanks to all. Also thanks to Lynn for holding the fort for Joolz and Nathan who were away in Scotland, well done you! (and helpers...)

And for the second reason to post - my new upholstery bag in black and cream:

It is made from a strong and gorgeous black and cream upholstery material, I have lined it with black cotton material, added a swinging pocket which easily accommodates a mobile phone or purse and made some funky and unusual handles. I corded some of the material, gathered it into circles and attached using black webbing. This bag is in the boho style and am just about to add it to Etsy.

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