Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shh, it's a secret

Evening all,

This post has to be kept quiet as this item is for my step-son and daughter in law...sshhh. They are expecting their second little girl in about a week's time (eek!) and I thought they would appreciate the item below. I don't think they follow my blog so on this occasion, I'm quite glad!

Here it is:

Does it look like a Messenger Bag? Well it is, but with added benefits. I have named it a Person to Pushchair Nappy Bag. Oh yes indeed. Meaning you put all the items you need for nappy changing, on a day out with baby, into the bag and place it over the arm of the pushchair - or over the body of the parent/carer. But it gets better...

As you will see from the picture below, it attaches to the pushchair in a way that prevents it from swinging around and hitting your legs while you walk. The straps are velcro so can easily be attached and detached as needed. (I haven't got a pushchair to show how it works, but I think you'll get the gist...) and then, if you need to take the bag with you, it slings over your body as a stylish messenger bag. :D

Now, I can't take credit for the idea on this item, I saw it over at makeit-loveit and did just that - but of course I made a few alterations to suit.

I also made a little nappy holder to go with it:

Cute huh? You can just take out the nappy bag (which actually has baby wipes and talc inside in the photo) and use when you need, or drop into a different bag as and when. The possibilities are endless! 

I have put a few bits and bob inside too to get them started and there is PLENTY of room for much more inside. The outside cloth is really thick and sturdy and I made the inside with oilcloth - easy for moping up spills...

So, what do you think? Do you like it? My husband was very pleased and I like it too - I hope they do!

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Take care, thank you for reading, until the next time,

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